Quality Independent Technical Authors

If youíre looking for a technical author or technical illustrator, weíre certain we can help you.

Whatever you do, you need to communicate effectively with people both inside and outside your organisation. Our members know how to get your message across, on paper or online, in words or in pictures, or using a combination of methods and techniques.

What do we do?

Our experienced, professional members:

  • Write
    • user and reference guides, operating and maintenance manuals
    • marketing collateral and product data sheets
    • reports, white papers and press releases
  • Document
    • processes and procedures
  • Develop
    • bids and proposals
    • style guides and templates
  • Draw
    • technical illustrations and cut-away diagrams
  • Create
    • software simulations
    • e-learning packages
  • Edit and proofread
    • articles, reports, white papers and press releases
  • Design and develop
    • web sites
    • training courses

Our members can also help you by planning and managing your documentation projects, or by providing writing skills training to help you or your staff improve your writing skills.

Which industries or sectors do we work in?

We work successfully in any industry or sector that needs to communicate clearly and unambiguously, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Bio-sciences (medical, pharmacology, pharmaceuticals)
  • Education
  • Energy (oil, gas, and so on)
  • Engineering
  • Finance (banking, investment, credit checking and so on)
  • Healthcare (NHS, private hospitals, care homes)
  • Plant and machinery
  • Software
  • Telephony (mobile phones, VoIP)

Are you industry experts?

Some of our members have specialised knowledge in certain fields. However, all of our members are experts at communicating well. We are all experienced technical communicators who know how to present material in the best possible way for the user. Donít be surprised if we ask you practical questions that even your experts didnít think of!

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